First and foremost, we are litigators, called upon to represent our clients before the state and federal courts.  However, we also have extensive experience conducting investigations and counseling clients in the pre-litigation context.  In some cases, litigation can be avoided.  In other cases, it is inevitable.  In both situations, superior knowledge and strategic planning are essential to a successful outcome.

Over the years, we have litigated literally hundreds of cases, ranging from smaller commercial disputes to enormous class actions.  We have represented a diverse range of clients in multiple industries, including pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers, tobacco companies, oil companies, health care providers, food makers, and manufacturers of industrial equipment.  Our experience covers a multitude of different types of claims, including but not limited to:

  • Consumer protection/fraud cases seeking purely economic damages.  These cases are frequently brought as class actions on behalf of thousands of unidentified consumers, very often in circumstances where there is no readily identifiable injury.
  • Product liability/toxic tort cases involving personal injury claims.
  • Environmental litigation
  • Commercial/contract disputes
  • Trials/arbitrations
  • Appellate litigation
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